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About me

I am an artist. My life is the progression, I see my way of living as a constant education, and improvement of art techniques.

I am a member of International Arts Fund. I participated in international exhibitions and even won international art competitions with graphics. I have 6-year of digital art background and 9-year of design.

I prefer to work with landscapes and still life, with markers and watercolor. So you know what to expect.

I’m always open for dialog, though my English is far from perfect, be prepared not to expect eloquent speech. Feel free to write to me.

Artist statement

My artworks are a way to explore the world and people as it’s part. Nature in all its diversity is the main source of balance for humans. Nature gives calmness, which I want to transfer.


Modern life is like a race: we get disconnected from our body and we can get stuck in mechanical, habitual and familiar ways of thinking which does not actually correspond to the way we want to live. This inconsistency leads to cycle through the ideas and opinions that are repeated every day.


Therefore it is very important to stop and evaluate everything that happens around. To stop, you need to get out of the race for a while, relax and do self-reflection. The nature around us allows us to look at the world – and ourselves in it – without self-condemnation, patiently, with self-compassion; awake curiosity.


Stopping will help you realize what is happening, get out of the cycle and understand where to go next. A reflection and curiosity will move you forward with new ideas to new goals.


  • You sending me your ideas, whishes and other important info.
  • You pay 50%.
  • I’m doing sketches (no more than three).
  • We decide what we are going to finalize.
  • I’m doing artist magic.
  • You love the result and pay other 50%.
  • I’m sending you files or original artwork.

All prices are calculated individually. There’s one simple rule: the more detail – the higher price.

  Pencils Markers Watercolor
Postcard (10×15 sm or 3,9×5,9 in) 45  50 € 50  65 €  65  70 €
Graphical illustration (+digital version)  90 — 130 €  120  200 €  150  250 €
Medium artwork (from 21×14,8 sm or 8,3×5,8 in)  150  250 €  200  300 €  300  400 €
Large artwork (from 29,7×42 sm or 11,6×16,5 in)  450  600 €  600  900 € 800  1500 €

*Shipping cost extra

  • accurate work and keeping deadlines
  • professional media with high lightfastness
  • special acid-free paper archival quality
  • recommendations for saving your artwork

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