I’m afraid of!..

  • I’m afraid of!..
  • I can’t!
  • I’ll not succeed!
  • I’m not talanted!
  • It’s too late to start!
  • Is it familiar to you?

Drawing is a motor skill as a writing or slicing bread. Remember your school and how you started to study drawing? You started from letters, then words and only after it – sentences. Do you remember how proud you were of your first written word? Crooked and with mistakes, but it was only yours! You should be proud of your cubes, crooked caps and other studies. They are a huge step forward for you!

What about talent and others? Talent is a controversial thing. I believe in it – it helps you. But remember? Motor skill. Anyone can learn to draw. Whenever. The base thing is a wish. Not “I must” but “I want”.

Make yourself to do mistakes. What happens if you don’t like your artwork? Nothing. It’s only yours artwork and you can do whatever you want with it:

  • put picture off for a two days and then look at it with fresh look,
  • tear and throw picture,
  • repaint a new one,
  • or even hide and don’t show Your picture to anyone.

And here’s a bonus for your inspiration. Process from my archive. Don’t be like me, don’t draw with markers and acryl on watercolor paper.

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