Should an artist be hungry?

Besides the obvious reasons:

  • art materials are expensive. High quality art materials are VERY expensive.
  • participation in exhibitions and conferences, and even rent a hall for a master class are costs money.
  • self-education or learning from the master is also expensive.

Where to make money?

  • Selling your artworks. Tons of sites like Etsy for it. Participation in exhibitions.
  • commissions and other work to order. From portrays to pack of illustrations. Freelance sites, bulletin boards and letters to publishing houses.
  • photostocks. In some of them you need to pass exams. Read the rules about publishing your work.
  • selling of master-classes or art-courses. Independently, or with sponsors/art schools/art shops.
  • PR in social media, if you have account and more than 500 followers. Paid posts. Also you can become an ambassador of some brand.
  • art for videogames. Concept-art, illustrations, promo-art and so on.
  • clothing design, print design and even your own merchandise stuff.

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